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Complete Design, Construction & Maintenance

Complete Design, Construction & Maintenance

Skylark Landscaping is fortunate to work with some of the top designers and architects in the valley installing site specific, award winning designs.

Whether working off an existing plan or designing it ourselves, the realization of your vision for your land and how you live on it is our motivation. Considering your wants and desires with the lay of the land, natural elements, sustainability and investment parameters is our jumping off point. From this, we guide and lead you through the process of creating the ideal outdoor living space with hardscape and plant materials that complement and enhance your home and life.

Once plans are approved, we can start the installation process. Grading, soil amendments, hardscape installation and utility lines are usually the first phase of a project and actual planting the last. With open communication to keep you abreast of any changes that may arise with sound solutions, we will be working efficiently and effectively to completion of the project.

Once your plan has been implemented, we can provide a monthly maintenance program that suits your needs to maintain it's beauty, health and vigor.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with all our clients and look forward to speaking with you.